How to Prevent Your Kids From Becoming a Picky Eater

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When you already have a kid, your grocery shopping now revolves around your kid’s food preference, what they like, and what they don’t. All parents must know how to create kid-friendly, healthy dishes, and you can learn how to do it via izismile.

Most of us have kids that are picky with what they eat. You buy them the most delicious food you know for them to try, and still, they don’t like to eat it. If you purchased a dozen boxes of mac and cheese and your kids did not like it, you now have to get rid of eleven boxes that will be left uneaten.

That scenario is never easy! The good news is that there are some techniques to make it stop and make life easier, even if there is no quick solution overnight to stop picky eating!

Start as Early as Possible

Let’s face it, this one’s long gone! But it is not too early to start planning for the next picky eater! Parents are responsible for their children’s bad habits, and one way to do it is to program them to like healthy foods when they are still little. If they spent one year of their lives eating tasteless, and bland food without texture, they would be hesitant to eat savory and crunchy foods. Expose your child at the beginning of their life to different tastes and textures. That way, they will get used to eating those kinds of foods when they grow up.

Do Not Engage in Power Struggles

Most parents find themselves arguing with their three-year-old kid over something ridiculous, and that happens. If you tell your child that he has to eat everything that’s on his plate or that he must eat his vegetables for snacks, they will be most likely not to do what you say! Avoid using keywords that take control of an individual and try to say something that will encourage them to try it for themselves instead.

Let Them Help You to Plan Your Menus

Children do not want to be held back; they want attention and want to be part of something bigger than themselves! You have to give them a chance to make their voice heard by letting them participate in the preparation of your menus. That way, they do not have the reason not to eat what you will serve because they participated in creating that menu. Let them choose something they like and go for it!

Bring Them to Do Grocery With You

Children will enjoy the freedom to choose their own will and whatever they need. They will find a ton of different kinds of foods that they will be excited to try once you get home! Let them discover things that might attract them, and you will find new foods that your kids like that you have been avoiding to give them.

Try the One-Bite Rule

Ask your child to eat at least a bite of everything on his/her plate, but do not force them to do it. If they don’t like it, that’s fine, but they might find it tasty and eat it all. Let him know you’re going to take a bite at the same time as them, and you two can compare notes you have an idea about the food.