Six false myths about breast cancer


When you come across a woman who has breast cancer, then you will assume that the culprit is breast cancer. Apart from skin cancer, breast tumor is the other common type of cancer among women in America. For this reason going for breast screening frequently recommended. Considering the amount of information that is available online about breast cancer, many women have heard about myths associated with the illness. Below are some false myths that are associated with breast cancer.

All lumps are cancerous

Cancer does not cause over eighty percent of the lumps that are present in the women’s breast. Cysts and other conditions cause them. However, health experts advise women not to ignore any growth in their chest or changes in their breast tissue. Immediately you notice any lump on your breast it’s essential to visit your doctor to find out if it is as a result of cancer or not. The doctor will recommend biopsy, mammogram or ultrasound to get more information.

Underwire bras begin breast cancer

A considerable fraction of women still believes that underwire bras cause cancer. However, this is not true. Underwire bras don’t reduce lymphatic drainage that causes the accumulation of toxins that bring about breast cancer. Research has shown that tight clothing cannot cause breast cancer.

Antiperspirants trigger breast cancer

It’s true that antiperspirants used by women have a chemical preservative by the name parabens that boosts the production of estrogen which is linked to breast cancer. However, there is no proof that parabens cause breast cancer. If you don’t like the idea of parabens, then you can avoid them by choosing other antiperspirants that contain other preservatives. If you are going to have a mammogram then its advisable to avoid using an antiperspirant because some include aluminum which can make the results show that you have breast cancer while in the real sense you don’t.

Women with tiny breasts don’t get breast cancer

Its worth noting that the size of the breasts of a woman has nothing to do with breast cancer. This is very true. However, it’s a challenging task to examine larger breasts for breast cancer with a mammogram or a clinical breast exam. Even if you have small breasts, you have to make sure that you go for regular breast screening and checkups.

Breast cancer is genetic

While a considerable fraction of women who have a family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk of getting it, many of those who are diagnosed with this illness don’t have a history of the diseases. So don’t believe that breast cancer is genetic if you have a history of breast cancer.


Breast implants boost

If you are considering breast implants, then you should be aware that they don’t expose you to breast cancer in any way. However, you will have a challenging time when you go for breast screening with implants because mammograms don’t work well on those with breast implants. Additional imaging will be required for accurate examination. It means that you will have to part with more for the screening.

Factors that affect your skin complexion


The complexion of the skin is the visual assessment of your skin color, as well as its tone and clarity. A soft textured skin shows signs of being healthy and free from diseases and also germs.

Some of the factors that affect your skin complexion include;

Genetics and age factors

One’s skin complexion will be determined by the genes a person is inheriting from his or her parents. Some of the people have a very rough skin with many stretch marks and still they are very young; that depends on the genetic factor, while some have a very smooth skin even at the age of seventies. Also, the complexion of the skin may come from the age of a certain person; young people have smoother and finely textured skin compared to the old people.

DIY at-home tips

Improper skincare

Lack of proper care for your skin will make your it duller due to the emergence of germs that causes black spots on and pimples. Proper care will improve the complexion of the skin and also make it a lot healthier.


Use of wrong cosmetics

Using wrong cosmetics that has more chemicals will destroy your skin and lead to the appearance of wrinkles, black spots, and pimples that later result into soreness. If you are aiming to whiten your skin, make sure that you research on a certain product before you purchase and apply it to your skin. For privates lightening products, you should read this skin whitening cream review.



Too much staying under the sun will make your skin texture and also complexion poor as the sun will destroy the the melanin of your skin which will lead to a straight passage of germs. To avoid this, one should keep away from strong sunlight. But a little sunlight is important due to vitamin D.


Severe and also moderate acne will cause the emergence of pimples on the skin and also dark spots that will make your dermis more unappealing to the people. And in addition, this can cause severe diseases.


Anemia and improper blood circulation

Anemia as a deficiency disease will cause wrinkles hence affecting the skin complexion in which it will make a very young child look very old due to poor skin complexion and texture. Poor blood circulation in the body will also make your skin paler thus affecting the look, texture and also complexion.