Hair Loss Prevention In Women


The first action to stopping hair loss is preventing it. Hair loss prevention can be a tough task. In fact, if you are experiencing inherited hair loss, you will not be able to prevent it. In this case, you will have to try one of the many hair loss remedies that are available today.

The best way of treating  hair loss is prevention from it occurring in the first place. Hair loss for a woman can be one of the hardest things anyone can go through. Since hair is such a final aspect of a woman’s physical appearance, many time when women lose their hair, they lose their self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Below are ways for preventing this from happening.

Hair loss prevention tips for women

LIMIT PRODUCTS AND OVER fsdhggfdsfghjgfdsgdhjghfdgffhgBRUSHING

One of the best things you can do to preventing hair loss is by putting fewer products into your head. When women color or perm their hair, it can be damaging to their hair follicles which may promote hair loss. Over brushing has also been linked with hair loss – limit around 100 strokes per day.


You should restrict the amount of heat that your scalp is exposed to. Blow drying can damage your hair.

Crash diets

One of the worst things that promote hair loss is crash diets. You should not be taking them, to begin with, because they are horrible for your health, but they cause serious amounts of hair loss to individual women.


Try to be as healthy as possible because illness can be a significant cause of your hair loss. Have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and limit the amount of alcohol you consume.

Birth control

If you are on birdsdfghjhgfdafsgdhfjhkhgfsdfdgfhghth control methods, be cautious because when women stop taking them, hair loss is a common symptom for most of the women.

One of the best ways to prevent loss of hair in women is through herbal hair loss supplements. They contain essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs that your body needs to maintain hair growth. Taking these pills can help combat many of the common causes of hair loss described above.

In fact, people see even better results using these types of products when they are trying to prevent their hair loss compared to those trying to treat their hair loss. Again, it’s much easier to prevent your hair from falling out, then trying to regrow your hair once it falls off. That is why I recommend looking into these types of herbal hair loss supplements.


Effective Ways To Boost Your Memory


The brain is the most important organ in the body as it coordinates various important activities in the body. The brain keeps track of all happenings and activities that the body engages in. It is responsible for keeping memory intact. The brain hippocampus controls the body’s memory and keeps it functioning at all times. It is, therefore, important to boost memory in our system. The memory also ensures the body functions well leading to the overall health of the body.

Boost your memory in the following ways


Regular exercising provides the brain with a good environment to function to its best. It helps the brghghgfhjgfjhfsjkdfgdfhdkfhfdain to effectively stimulate nerve cells and encourage them to multiply and increase in numbers.

Exercises enhance the flow of blood into the brain assisting it in learning and reacting more quickly. This is important in improving memory. Exercising also stimulates the production of proteins that promotes neural health and effective building of memory.

Brain games

Challenging the brain is an important exercise that should be done regularly to make it function well. Mind games provide new surprising information to the brain which triggers it to respond to different matters quickly. Brain games help to sharpen a range of skills to boost the memory by triggering an active and quick response.

Avoid stress

Stress is a factor that slows down the brain causing it to function in an unexpected way. Stress and anxiety make the brain and body system to lose nerve coordination which may even lead to a nervous breakdown. When this happens, even the brains activities will be jeopardized leading to loss of memory or failure to function.

Eat a brain-boosting diet

There are varieties of foods that boost the brain functioning and ultimately increase memory. Eating well and right will offer significant health benefits to the body and make it function substantially. Foods like omega 3, fresh fruits, sea foods, broccoli, soya beans and others greatly help in boosting memory. They contain minerals which enhances the health of the brain.

Have enough sleep

Having enough and good dsfdggfsgfhfsgfsdgdfdfsgdsleep will give time for the brain to rest and configure well. Getting a good sleep and rest is
also important in enhancing healthy growth of the brain and ultimately health growth of memory. Many studies point out that most parts of the body function well after a good sleep. This also applies to the brain. A good sleep enhances good memory.

The overall health of the body is ideal for ensuring the effective functioning of all body organs including the brain. A healthy and function brain brings enhanced memory.