Top Real Estate Apps for Home Buyers and Sellers


Most investors out there are looking for the perfect ways that can help them to make the right decisions when it comes to investing. However, since most of the things have now changed digitally, it can be a little bit easier to involve other parties when making your investing decisions. Real estate apps have transformed the way people used to look at real estate when investing and buying. The Mobility Arena also plays a significant role in ensuring that they offer the right real estate investing information to the interested investors. Below are the perfect real estate apps that you may need.

The Zillow

The Zillow is among the best real estate apps in 2019. As a real estate investor, this is a trusted name that you need to know if investing is your thing. Through this app, you will receive all sorts of information that you need. They offer home buyers with estimates on home value for the specific region or towns. Also, as a seller, you should create an account using this app that will help in tracking the value of your property over the coming years. In simpler terms, this is the perfect app for both home buyers and sellers.


LoopNet is another perfect real estate app for those individuals who want to take their investment experience to the next level. However, this app is only focusing on more significant properties, such as apartments and commercial spaces. That is why it is for serious real estate investors. With this app, you can gather all the information concerning the previous types of properties within your local area and even outside your country.

Bigger Pockets

smart homeIf you have been thinking of investing in real estate, Bigger Pockets is the perfect app that you need to have. It is the ideal app that has enough information for learning about selling and buying real estates. If you are new to investing primarily in the real estate market, then this is among the perfect app that you need to have on your smartphone. In simpler terms, this type of a real estate app serves as a gateway in offering essential investing tips.


RedFin is well-known as a brokerage firm. Just like Zillow, this app can offer the estimated home values in various regions and towns. When using this app, one of the most notable features that you will find is the ability to filter your searches depending in the upcoming open houses. In other words, it will help you to know the kind of property you can get on a given price.